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The Concept of Freedom Essay

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He told me the wrong path and then set me free by providing me the resources which I may avail to follow the bad path. Now, it is up to me to choose the right path or the bad one. Then, who says that I am not free? Of course, I am free. I am free to make my own choices. I am free to lead a life according to my desires. I am free to avail the luxuries of life and sooth and comfort myself by the bounties of the Lord and the beauties of the world. The only thing I have to keep in my mind is the consequences of my choice of actions. According to vanHeeas (2010, p.688), “To ascertain how well a person is doing we therefore cannot focus only on what she is doing; we should also consider what she could be doing.” That is, we can determine a person’s well-being not by determining his opportunity set or choice options only, but be analyzing what he would be doing if he was free to make any choice about any issue. Thus, freedom of choice is what determines how well a person is doing in his life. One who has been deprived of his freedom of choice is someone who cannot be ranked as a person who is bringing out his best in the things he is doing. The concept of freedom, may it be of religion, speech, or choice, has changed very much over the years. Now the people feel free to make their own choices in politics, residence, education, jobs, interests, votes, and so on. Freedom of speech has enabled media to cover each and every aspect of life. Freedom of religion has freed humans from abiding by one religion that their forefathers have been following. Hence, I think that today’s society offers much more freedom to us than previous societies and history has made us freer regarding our choices. This is my concept of freedom, and I am proud to say, “I am free and enjoy