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Tea market segmetation Research Paper

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Tea bags and loose leafs will be packaged in paper and aluminium boxes in 50gm and 100 gm packaging. Cold ready mix teas will be packaged in soft pouch and also aluminium cans. The printing on packaging will not inform customers about the brand and its values but also provide history of herbal and specialized teas and their benefits according to the type of tea. The front of packaging will have soft images of herbal and specialized teas stored in it. The logo of the brand will comprise of a leaf image in green colour with colourful vibrant background. d. Place The company aims to adopt a step wise approach to the market where distribution network will be used to distribute different types of herbal and specialized teas to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops. Wholesalers in particular will be engaged to make distribution to large retail stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda, etc. The distribution intensity of the new brand and its products is dependent upon various factors including the size of the target market segment, pricing of the company and funds to be allocated for the promotion of the brand. Initially, the new brand will use selective distribution to sell its products to wholesalers and retail outlets and coffee shops in London Area. The reason for choosing this approach is due to the company’s unique selling proposition which needs to be tested out in one major region of UK tea market. Once the company gain experiences from this market then it will engage in intensive distribution throughout UK. e.Price There are various pricing strategies that may be considered when introducing a new brand in the market. Based on the characteristics of the UK tea market it