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Current mobile computing and the benefits Essay

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Most companies surveyed have identified improved worker collaboration as a key reason to move toward mobile technology. There is not a big perception that collaboration and innovation will suffer in the absence of employees working together in the same physical location. "The clear-cut No. 1 business benefit of mobile computing applications is keeping workers connected. In a Baseline survey of 143 information-technology executives, 81% of respondents cited better communication and collaboration among employees as the key advantage of providing such hardware and software, followed by 69% who said increased responsiveness to customers was a benefit" (Spangler, 2006, para. 2).
Another benefit of mobile computing, which happens to cut both ways, is the encroachment of work time into leisure time, and vice versa. This has offered today's workers the flexibility to manage their own schedules, getting their work done at the most convenient times, including evenings after the kids have been bathed and sent off to bed. It has also enabled them to handle personal matters during traditional work hours, allowing for a work/life valance that was rare only a decade ago. "The advent of mobile computing has further blurred the lines between office and home hours, between work and play" (Balfour, 2004, para. 25). Unfortunately, there is a downside to less distinct work hours versus personal hours for those who are not self disciplined as far as time management. The risk is work creep, whereby the percentage of time spent working becomes ever larger due to its omnipresence.
Blackberry has been a leading factor in fostering this omnipresence of work in many people's daily lives. The device has enjoyed enormous success in the expanding mobile computing industry, and has