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Budget business PCs that run Vista Article

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Athlon 64X2 processor and 160GB HDD. HP too have utilized the same quick release

mechanism yet it is not as good as OptiPlex.The expansion slots retainer, for example, is

a metal piece held in place by the case lid and if we remove the lid, the retainer can rattle


The Lenovo 3000J115 also has same Athlon 64X2 processor with 80 GB hard

drive capacity and old-fashioned tower casing with a gray-green, flat plastic front panel

with colorfully lit buttons.

All three models are using integrated graphics systems. According to WorldBench

6 Beta 2 tests, OptiPlex740 has better performance compared to others two models. Also

all three models have 1680X1050 pixel resolution displays. The Dell Optiplex 740 and

HP dc 5750 also offer chassis-intrusion detection mechanism, security sleeves for

mounting the systems under a desk or on a wall and Trusted Platform Module chips on

their motherboard. The chip works with vista's Bit Locker Security feature which encrypt

entire hard drive.

All three companies offers 24/7 tech. support and on same or next business-day

on site warranty and service depending on different charges rates.

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