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Questions and answers on core competencies Essay

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4. Inclusiveness & Customer focus.

5. Strong occupational knowledge & technology orientation.

Question No. 6: What differentiates strategic training from informational training and

operational training Why is such a distinction important

Answer: The important things that differentiate strategic training from

informational and operational training are its long-term organizational goals, objectives

plans and its initiation body compare to informational training (based on the need to give

the workforce information about the organization) and operational training that relates

day to day operation of an organization (The Training Organization, pp. 8-10).

Question No. 7 What are the four parts of a training cycle

Answer: Following are four major parts of a training cycle.

Part 1. Pretest

Part 2. Competitive Edge Evaluation Test

Part 3. Training in failed skills blocks.

Part 4. Posttest

Question No. 8 Compare three research techniques and underline their advantages

and disadvantages.

Answer: Three research techniques are basic research, scientific research, and

historical research. The advantages and disadvantages of these techniques are based on

what the research is about and for. Basic and scientific research is perfect techniques for

almost any kind of research project, while historical research is used for just that area.

Question No. 9 Analyze the training proposal on page 369 entitled "Second -Year

Analyst Training Program.

Answer. The training proposal on page 369 is a typical analyst-training program.

It covers all of the required training necessary to properly train someone. The training

proposal targets specific PC-related skills that analysts need to learn. It overviews

specific hands-on training strategies that