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Cold War and its Impact on International Racism and Segregation Research Paper

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in the study of Professor Fairclough where reference is made to the non-acceptance of the concept of racial superiority, as the above framework was developed during the Second World War. It is explained that since the end of the Second World War the public does not accept any form of racism, either expressed, as Anti-Semitism or other form of racial discrimination. In addition, the Cold War has helped to increase awareness of both governments and the public on racial discrimination, making the specific problem ‘an international issue’.4 According to Professor Fairclough, racial discrimination has been an argument offering to the enemies, or else the political opponents, the chance to ask for the termination of existing governmental plans; for example, reference is made to the claim of Russia, during the Cold War, that USA does not respect human rights, especially the rights of black people.5 At this point, reference should be made to the following fact: the United States has traditionally faced a series of significant challenges regarding the entrance in the country of foreigners. Politicians do not equally support the continuous increase of foreigners across the country. In fact, certain of them are clearly opposed to such perspective. The issue is made clear in the speech of Joseph McCarthy on Communists in 1950. The key point of the specific speech has been the following one: foreigners are considered as not being directly related to the American Economy.6 Rather, it is believed that the problems of the country are related not to foreigners but to the traitors activating across the country.7 It is explained that these traitors are likely to enjoy all social and political benefits across the country, such as the right to education and the right to housing, at