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matlab problem Assignment

Category: Logic & Programming Pages: 5 Type: Assignment Level: Undergraduate
Method The method employed in solving this problem takes advantage of the fact that each one of the E12 resistance values form a geometric series, they are all approximately 21% larger than the previous value. The method employed also takes advantage of the fact that for resistors in series, the total resistance is given by summing up the value of each of the individual resistances of the resistors connected in series. i.e, RT = R1 + R2 + R3 The method employed also targeted at making the program user friendly. It was to engage the user in a human like dialogue and hence be usable even by people who have no knowledge of programming. In this regard, the method employed was to write a program code that would ask for some two information from the user of the program. The first information to be inquired from the user is the desired value of resistance (target value). In this case the user would input one of the following as desired; 20 ?; 100 ?; 200 ?; 1k ?; 2k ?; 50k ?; 100k ?; 2m ?; 20M ?; 150M ?. The second information to be inquired from the user is the maximum number of resistors that can be combined. This was introduced in a bid to cut down on the cost of manufacturing. The method employed also involved the use of shorthand in which case, M, K and R were used instead of M ?; K ? and ? respectively. So as to make it possible for the universally accepted and used shorthand used by electrical engineers be input in the program by the users. Results and discussion The program so formed is user friendly and able to ask for the two values from the user, i.e. the value of resistance desired and the maximum number of resistors to be combined. The program is also able to accept values of input written in electrical engineers’ short hand for resistance. He program is able to