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case study in event planning industry Case Study

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If the fork lift is unable to be removed, the tables are going to have to be moved by hand along with the rest of any items. Human Resource Management/ Traditional? Human resource management can be defined as the management of employees. Since events consist of many vendors to make sure the event is successful, human resource management for events is similar for any traditional business environment. It is similar in the role of the management professional but, actually more complex than a traditional business setting. Human resource management for events is highly more complex as it does not deal with normal day to day operations. Different types of crisis’ can occur that makes the work of the one involved in human resources much more complex. The complexity is subject to fast problem solving, intervention, dealing with different types of vendors, and making changes where necessary. Every aspect is important when managing an event to make sure the event goes according to plan. Venue Investigation When planning an event it is important that the event is properly investigated to make sure it will fit everyone’s needs, involve the least chance of crisis, leave enough time for planning and an adequate amount of attendees. Choosing a venue such as a golf course located within a casino/ hotel, it was important to check the facility to make sure it was capable of meeting the events needs. This is so in order to make sure there is enough room for guests, parking, overnight stay and easy access to places such as airports/ freeways. Once the event site was chosen, the venue had to meet the attendee’s expectations. Meeting everyone’s expectations is a hard task to accomplish but can be