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Data Sharing between Airlines and International Airlines for Scheduling Purposes Case Study

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s like distance, choice of aircraft, operating speed, night curfews, taxi-times and prevailing winds are considered during allocation of schedule times. From the above explanations, it can be concluded that data sharing is of high significance in the planning for delays. Since factors that affect arrival time are taken into consideration, it results in the development of a realistic schedule and the final effect of this is on-time performance. The main limitation to achieving effectives from data sharing is that in many cases, flights leaving at their designated times arrive after the scheduled arrival time and this has the potential of creating reactionary delays. A limitation imposed on data sharing is on the period of time that airlines can store this data (Strauss, 2010). Passenger name record (PNR) and the codeshare agreement Apart from sharing data for purposes of scheduling, airlines can also share passenger informationlikepassenger name record (PNR). In the past, terrorists have used airplanes as weapons against target places or nations. It has also threatened the prosperity of this important business. The main importance of sharing PNRis the deterrence of terrorist travel because it keeps known terrorists of airplanes. However, this can intrude into the privacy of the passengers due to the exchange sensitive information and could also result in the discriminate use of the data. The limitation of this is the inability to deter unpopular or unknown terrorists. The data can only be held for 30 days (The House Committee on Homeland Security, 2011). Codeshare agreement is another important element of cooperation between airlines. Under codeshare, two airlines share the same flight. For example, a seat can be purchased on one airline but a cooperating airline