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human computer interaction (user interface ) Coursework

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I also learned that combinations with positive polarity such as the use of dark text on a light background are notably effective. This is particularly important when dealing with visually-impaired users. Reference: Hall, R. and Hanna, P. (2004), The Impact of Web Page Text-Background Color Combinations on Readability, Retention, Aesthetics, and Behavioral Intention, Behaviour & Information Technology, forthcoming VIRTUAL KEYBOARD DESIGN Inputting is the concomitant interaction the user performs. It should be simple despite the complexities of the keyboard’s overall features. In the case of virtual keyboards, wherein industrial design is left out in place of a touch interface, the tactile response time should be fast enough to let the user focus on inputting end and not worrying whether the characters has already been displayed. It is fairly important that the on-screen keyboard should be able to interact with the fingers and not merely by using the stylus. It is a fact that the best pointing tool is our finger; the keyboard’s design should be able to accommodate the multitasking capability of a human hand. The spacing of each character should be accurately be considered to avoid erroneous inputting. Reference: Xiaojun, Bi, Barton Smith, and Zhai Shumin. "Multilingual Touchscreen Keyboard Design and Optimization."DGP. (2010): 1-34. Web. 20 Dec. 2011. . I learned that in an on-screen keyboard, screen clarity and size are important elements. The spacing between characters avoids unintended inputs. In line with this, the user should be able to perceive that