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Database Structures, Languages, and Architectures SLP Research Paper

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Access also works when we require easy referencing and analysis of data. Moreover, it performs queries to extract very small data from huge data collection and makes overall analysis easy and less time consuming (Curmudgeon, 2011) and (Burnside, 2010). Seeing that MS Access is an excellent tool for storing data as well as querying it, on the other hand Excel is suitable for collecting, manipulating data and analyzing it. Moreover, Excel encompasses wide-ranging systems and tools for importing the results of a query into worksheets consequently they can be assessed and translated more simply. Furthermore, Excel is significantly easier to utilize, as well as has a great deal lower entry requirement in scenario of what is required to utilize it effectively. Moreover, it can be installed on numerous machines (Curmudgeon, 2011) and (Burnside, 2010). This paper has analyzed two most commonly used data storing applications Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. This choice is heavily dependent on the needs and requirements of user and business data. However, Access is most suitable option to store large amount of data easily like a database system. Bibliography Burnside, K. (2010, May 10). Microsoft Excel Vs. Access. Retrieved March 02, 2011, from Curmudgeon . (2011). Software Decisions: Access vs. Excel. Retrieved March 05, 2011, from Joan, B. (2011). Difference Between Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. Retrieved March 06, 2011, from Difference Between: Microsoft Corporation. (2011). Choose between