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Stereotype Logic and Programming Paper Assignment

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Other arguments are based on the fact that different performance measures and fitness levels are administered for female athletes. On the contrary, women are as good as men in competitive sports. While women and girls comprise a large part of the population, popular media do not cover women sports as equally as they cover men’s sports (Center for Gender Equality, 2006). Gender stereotyping is common in televised sports, hence, cementing the notion that women are sex objects and humorous fans, but not athletes. The Center for Gender Equality (2006) asserts that gender stereotypes and socialization contribute to the traditional gender roles of women and men, with the media playing a critical role in perpetuating this perception. One of the common stereotypes about old people and aging is that they are lonely and conservative homebodies, who live with relatives. This stereotype is perpetuated via the traditional patterns of behavior associated with Christianity, a predominant religion in our area. The arguments are based on the perception that terminally old people are heavily incapacitated by diseases and depend on other before death. Such generalizations affect the behavior and experiences of old people. People can be persuaded to believe they are elderly, even when they are still healthy and capable of taking care of themselves. More importantly, stereotypes about aging are constructed many years before individuals actually become old. On the contrary, there is a strong association between health and wellbeing. A critical analysis suggests the ‘lonely’ stereotype emanates from the fact that many old people live in houses with relatives. However, old people have a diverse social networking established throughout the years. This