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Reasons of the speedy growing and futher problems of Indian Economic Research Paper

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World history has it that there are nations who once had very graceful economies. Their gross domestic product grew at rapid rate, their inflationary rates where always down and the rate of their currencies were forces to recon with. However with time, due to poor economic management and because factors or reasons that led to their economic growth were not sustained. It is against this backdrop that this aspect of the essay shall not only consider the reasons for the speedy economic growth but also ways of sustaining the growth. Further problems of India because of high speed economic growing – 4 There is no denying the fact that there is an effect – positive and negative for that matter to every situation. Even though it is a good thing that India’s economy should develop at a very speedy rate, this comes not only with positive repercussions but negative ones as well. This part of the essay shall therefore be a progress of the previous aspect, which was on the reasons for the speedy growing of Indian economy. Three major problems that are likely to affect India’s economy as a result of its current economic growth shall be treated. The problems shall not just be stated but stated with possible solutions. The problems to be looked at would include: i. Unlawful migration to India – (The Indian Analyst, HVK ii. Taking advantage of booming economy to become the hub of counterfeit, low quality and fake products. – (The Lancet, Democratic Underground iii. Pressure from dependant nations – (The Economic Times, The Economic Times These problems have carefully being chosen because there are enough proofs that the problems have affected other countries that have attained economic growth and freedom. In worse cases,