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Robots in Manufacturing Admission Essay

Category: Logic & Programming Pages: 7 Type: Admission Essay Level: College
nt developments in robots and their support for system integration are sufficient to facilitate tasks like assembling, machining and straightforward decision-making which do not exhibit substantial deviations between actual and modeled behavior as that might require human intelligence (Bjorkelund et al., 9). Automated systems are not only capable of supporting small batch cycles but also result in significant reduction of unit costs and batch costs. Thus the technology would help facilitate the just-in-time manufacturing objectives being demanded in virtually every industry that produces potentially customizable products. Usage of robots becomes source of reduction in time taken to produce customized goods, thereby making it possible for organization to adopt and benefit from just-in-time inventory maintenance and production methodology. Manufacturing productivity is enhanced through automation since it enables the elimination of bottle-necks in production runs, making life cycles of products shorter. Process scheduling becomes more efficient through automation through enhanced control over production systems. Another viewpoint for this aspect is enhancement of satisfaction of customers through timely deliveries, accurate quotations and economical pricing routed via cost reduction (Bourne, Corney & Gupta, 19-20). Role of robots in modern world In chronological sequence, the first generation machines were developed using artificial intelligence technology where robots were given limited capabilities to carry out cognitive processing and decision-making as that by humans. Attributes for different parts and technical manufacturing knowledge were programmed into robots, enabling them to make planning decisions based on identification of different variables and benchmarking