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Pakistan Essay

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the value of Pakistani rupee to that of U.S dollar has fallen almost about 33.3% since the rule of the new government has started and the recent oil and an energy crises have stabbed the economy of the country, increase in oil prices and energy prices have resulted in liquidly problems of the country, the factories are closing every day, the stock market is freeze, banks are running out of money, people are loosing jobs and living hand to mouth. The government is trying very hard to destabilize the economy but has failed to do so in recent month, the government has been asking for financial aid from different friend countries but has failed to gain help.
At present Pakistan's relationship with its former colonizer India has improved, the president Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan and Mr. Manmohan Singh of India are trying to resolve problems between the two countries with the help of Give and Take Policy but still they are not able to come to a conclusion with the problem between them from 1947 to 2008 of Kashmir as both trhe countries still fight on the topic that Kashmir belongs to one of them.

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