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A geostratification assessment for stevenage and ware in County Hertfordshire Essay

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Quarries have also been necessary for researching the strata of the land.

Modern construction has been largely in the south/southwest part of the county. This report, focusing on Stevenage and Ware, is for development purposes in the northern sections of the county.

Near Ashwell is the Steeple Morden Plantation Quarry that allows geologists to see the layers of rock. In trenches cut into the quarry, the color contrasts between Melbourn Rock and the soft chalk is obvious. The gray Plenus Marls and Melbourn Rock that were once thought to be the base of the Middle Chalk (HGS 2005) is now considered the marker horizon while shelly detrital rock is above that and smooth chalk above that. The eight beds of the Plenus Marls can be traced to the Paris Basin and used as a marker horizon across Europe, "indicating a change in anoxic conditions" (HGS 2005).
There is a lack of clay-with-flint at this quarry.

Quarry section showing chalky outwash gravel of Anglian age overlying river gravel of proto-Thames (photo by John Carr) (RIGS 2003)
The formations and types of sediments in Hertfordshire will be discussed as they pertain to development, and also as they pertain to restrictions of use (RIGS 2003). Besides the geohazards possible in any construction site, there are also hazards to the geology of a site from construction. All this must be taken into consideration before building can begin. Former construction through the ages has not taken this into account and there has been a degeneration of soils as well as destruction to the buildings by swallow holes and other phenomenon. For reasons of the brevity of this paper, these issues will focus on