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Idea of Landscape and American Dreams Essay

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Employment in the feudal southern agriculture had insignificant earnings. Mr. Edd, George’s employer, did not provide good employment terms like other southern white masters. Underpayment for the works of the employees was a vital characteristic of the southern white masters. This is a depiction of the American dream of proper and appropriate employment conditions. George lacked basic education to advocate for his employment rights. The American dream is to elevate the education level of all to enhance empowerment. The American dream ideology envisions a society that embraces unity and inclusiveness. It envisions a society that is free from discrimination. The society that Americans deserve and hopes to live in is free from exploitation of individuals based on class or race. All these, however, are evident in Wilkerson’s book. In 1937, George’s cousin underwent torture by a white posse. The white posse erroneously suspected Mr. Edd’s cousin for stealing turkeys. The inhuman act is a sign of discrimination based on class. Southern whites had evident discrimination against African Americans, based on class and race. Wilkerson’s masterpiece work documenting the migration of black Americans provides a true picture of their plight. Critics point at the plight of the blacks during the decade-long migration of the blacks as a depiction of a failed society. They show the extent to which the society neglected part of the population. Whites regarded blacks as poor and illiterate. Isolation among the society members was real and evident in diverse forms. Joblessness among the black Americans and dependency on the white plantation owners from the southern was a sign of unfulfilled dreams. As connoted by the