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Crime Case Study

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ex legal concept that transcends to a wrong which may be restored that may not be criminal (governmental) or contractual (private) in its existence (University of South Florida, “Tort Liability”). The touching of one person without the consent of him or her with an intention to harm others is referred as assault. An assault might be committed without the assistance of battery and battery can be occurred without the help of assault. Battery means striking a person from behind without the consent of a person (Duhaime org, “Assault Definition”). Infliction of emotional distress is the cruel and disgraceful causation of extreme emotional distress. There are four planned infliction related to emotional distress. The conduct may be intentional, it can be severe and outrageous, causal association may be there between illegal conduct along with emotional distress. In addition, the emotional distress can be severe (Duhaime org, “Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Definition”). False imprisonment relates to ‘intentional as well as complete imprisonment of a person against his or her will and without lawful justification’. The activities of false imprisonment will lie where a person is inappropriately detained. Moreover, little force is associated with detention (Duhaime org, False Imprisonment Definition”). In this incident, primarily infliction of emotional distress was caused to Prudence Pimply by the protesting members. 2.0 Case 2 Negligence Negligence takes place when the activities of both parties fail to perform effectively. When each party has certain state of negligence, accident takes place. In this case, Steve Simple was sent to climb the tower for painting, but tremendous thunderstorm had exposed him to a great danger of being hit by