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Problems of Industrialization in Pakistan Essay

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Similarly, the mechanized systems also use other forms of energy like fuel from the petroleum products and biofuels in combustion to move machine parts in the lubrication of some moving parts. Just like the situations witnessed in many other developing countries, the country has insufficient supply of electricity. Frequent energy shortages in the country are a barrier to industrial development in the country (US Library of Congress, para.2). The power generation capacity of the country cannot support the required economic development prompting for outsourcing of energy resources (Khan, para.1). Her energy supply is among the lowest even in the category of the developing nations. The country has a per capita supply of 0.19 ton petroleum equivalent (Khan, para.1). The issue of poor energy supply as a hindrance to industrialization has been cited by the local industries like the textile industry (Khan and Khan, 21). The industries complain non-guaranteed and thus unreliable energy supplies. Lack of trained and skilled workforce The other important factor that was identified that undermines industrialization in the country is low level of education resulting into lack of skilled manpower. A large proportion of the Pakistani firms (about 70%) cite shortage of skills as one of their major challenges (Pakistani Development Forum, 19). There is a large mismatch between the required skills and technology in the country and what is available. The country has a high proportion of low-skilled laborers (about 60-75%), a relatively high proportion of medium-skilled laborers and very low proportion highly-skilled personnel (Pakistani Development Forum, 22). This last category comprises the skilled professionals like