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Critical Reading and Book Review: Planet of Slums by Mike Davis Book Report

Category: Geography Pages: 4 Type: Book Report Level: Undergraduate
He calls the unplanned growth of slum population as ugly dumps of human and waste, and makes mention of exploitation of child labor, child prostitution, criminal gangs and their procedures for extortion, non-availability of clean drinking water, lack of sanitation, improper functioning of democratic institutions and lack of education facilities. Davis has articulated every type of negativity that contributes to the degradation of humankind, and the plight of the growing cities going from bad to worse. The growth of slums has become integral part of the cities that expand, with no authority to regulate them. NGOs have their vision recorded only on paper and generally follow the captive agenda of the donors and the pressure groups. The impact of Marxist ideology is evident in the arguments of Davis. Critical discussion: An author may intelligently try to sweep under the carpet but one cannot hide one’s true moorings of political philosophy. Mike Davis stands for Marxist ideology, and he is quite vocal about it. The Marxist views the effects of technological advancement and industrialization as contributing to the interests of capitalism. He clearly visualizes the emerging class divide which will grow more acute with the growth of slums that are responsible for many folded societal ills. The current level of efforts and the blueprints prepared by the international level agencies are inadequate to meet the challenges of slums that continue to grow in an astounding rate. Urban migration is unstoppable. The current social economic and political structures are incapable to meet the challenges, according to Davis. The need of the hour is not only to create