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Graffiti Report Essay Essay

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The six ranges that represent the filled contours have been mentioned below. 1. 0.01 – 0.25 2. 0.25 – 0.30 3. 0.30 – 0.54 4. 0.54 – 1.56 5. 1.56 – 5.84 6. 5.84 - 100 These are the six ranges that represent the regions with regards to graffiti in Kingston. Besides this, the other steps that have been followed started off with the usage of CASWEB website after which I choose the district of Kingston and used clip tools to select the area of my study. Since the kriging tool has the lowest RMS error, it has been used for the classification of incident points in order to allocate the number of classes and to show better representation of the results. Results are prominent in the map which has also been explained above with regards to graffiti. Result Achieved From Map with the Graffiti Points for 2007 and 2010 The map shows incident of graffiti in Kingston upon Thames for the past years. Different colours have been used to represent different years. For instance, red dots in the map represent the data that has been collected in 2010. Visual Factors Graffiti has been shown in the map and is fewer in the areas that are populated densely. This includes the town centre that underscores the fact that time is required by graffiti to deal with it. However, the areas where high graphite phenomenon is found have to be dealt with consulate and police. This is essential to ensure that CCTV has been installed and severe sanctions have been imposed to make certain that the same phenomenon does not repeat. Data for 2011 shows that graffiti started increasing in the areas where the railway tracks were found. It has further been indicated on the map that graffiti was less in 2010. However, this further indicates that the work of the consulate was