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Should Canada share its freshwater with people in the developing world who do not have access to safe and clean freshwater? Research Paper

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This is because many people in the developing nations depend heavily on agricultural activities as their backbone for economic growth. However, many of them are unable to achieve sustainability because of increased poverty levels, which is linked with water scarcity. Many of them undergo severe famine because of prolonged drought and water related diseases. Therefore, distribution of safe and clean water will reduce over-competition on scarce water resources and exploitation of water resources, hence achievement of sustainable development. Moreover, the increased population growth rate contributes to an increased demand for water; thus, there is the need for Canadian government to supply adequate fresh water to the developing world. The world report on population reveals that many developing nations have the highest population rate and this contributes to associated problems such as competition for the available scarce resources, encroaching on the water resources areas such as wetlands and forested areas (Bundschuh & Hoinkis, 2012). Wetlands and forests play significant functions in maintaining natural resources, but overpopulation, pollution and competition for natural resources threaten the sustainability of such natural resources. Therefore, it is the role of Canadian government to work with other international policy makers to contribute to the global agenda of managing water resources and distributing quality water (Canada, 2005). They will provide access to technology and offer effective training programs in the key development areas of water resource management. This will benefit the developing nations, thus enabling them to access quality water and achieving