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Landscape Essay

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As a result, the first European settlement in the country was in January 1788. It is this time, after the discovery of the Island. The first fleet sailed into Botany Bay under the command of Command Arthur Philip, establishing Australia first as a penal colony by the 1640s. Ethnic makeup of its people Australia’s original inhabitants, the Aborigines, settled there between the ages of 42,000 and 48,000 years ago. These inhabitants arrived via the land bridge and short sea crossing from South East Asia. At these ages, the sea water levels were relatively low as compared to the soaring heights in today’s Australia. The original inhabitants were soon out-numbered by the settlers (Duncan, Nuala, and Richard 88). The story of migration, like any other country in the era of colonization, brought another sect of its population. Nevertheless, the Australian history of its ethnic population does not stop there. Immigrants keep arriving in this country. This continuous flow of immigrants makes its history steeped with the settlers. Their arrival has had an effect on the land and its people. The Role of religion in forming places In the 21st century, religion in Australia purely comes as Christianity. 61.14 % of the Australian population predisposes itself to Christianity as per the census of 2011. In respect to history, the current percentage is far much higher and the religious landscape is diversifying. This comes along with the multicultural immigration as 22.3% of people with no population. With 8.55% of the population not able to incline to a certain religion, the remaining population consists of a diverse group of Buddhist at 2.46%, Islamic at 2.21%, Hindu at 1.28%, Jewish at 0.45% and Sikh at 0.3% of the entire