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Why is New Mexico poor and what should be done about it? Research Paper

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At that time, New Mexico was just above the state of Mississippi. In 2003, local estimates and statistics revealed that the ranking of New Mexico had raised to some extent, however, the Census Bureau still ranked the state of New Mexico at 49th. In 2004, Census Bureau also concluded that the wages paid to the workers were also the lowest with a great number of economically poor and depressed citizens as compared to any other state of America. The countries of Guadalupe, Mora and McKinley are at the lowest end of poverty and at the bottom of socio-economic scale in the region of New Mexico. These countries are mostly dominated with Indian and Hispanic populations. Being the poorer state in America, New Mexico always receives more shares from federal government as compared to what it contributes in the national income. In 1988, this state ranked second in terms of federal aid it received. However, in 2002, the conditions were bit changed and got some improvements and New Mexico ranked fifth among the top aid receiving states. In addition, the people of New Mexico are taxed at a very high rate. Tax rate per capita is very high in the region when compared to their personal incomes. In 1987, the state of New Mexico ranked fifth among all other nations in percentage of the personal income of people paid for government fees and other taxes. In 2004, the state ranked eighteenth as far as the tax payment is concerned. However, tax collection does not produce fruitful results on the economy as the wages of the residents are very low. Revenue generated from taxes is not enough to cope with the economic pressures of the area- in order to minimize the federal assistance which is proved to be an imperative