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How can I use essays

Essays can be used as essay examples from which you can get sample essay topics. These free essay sources provide excellent free essay writing help by giving clients like you ideas on how to go about writing an essay to good standard.

Is this plagiarism?

Submitting papers to a website and reviewing other users' papers is not plagiarism; submitting another's work as your own is plagiarism. Please never turn in any articles from this website as your own.

Can I turn in an essay downloaded from your site as my own works in my School / College/ University?

No, all essay materials from the site can be used for research, reference, and revision aid only. Note, that our essay data base is submitted to the plagiarism detection software. Each work must be properly cited as a source in anything that you write.

How can I make sure the work is quality enough to reference it?

All works submitted to the site are checked manually this means you will not find an essay with inappropriate content; however we can't guarantee the work content is perfect. Our advice is to pay attention at the social rate of the work (and participate in it as well) and mark awarded information in case this field was filled up by the user who submitted the essay. You can also use the bibliography indicated in the end of essays which mathes you topic to research it in more detail.

What credit cards do you accept?

You can pay for the service with your Paypal account, the most reliable and safe global e-commerce provider.