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tional and physical health, an excellent education and a wide range of opportunities to enjoy their childhood so that they have every chance to grow up into successful, well rounded and mature adults. Local authorities are responsible for making this happen for the children they look after. This guidance contains the requirements set out by Government to support local authorities who are responsible for working with Residential homes providers so that the Teenagers they look after are given the best possible care and support. These requirements support the local authority in its primary duty, provided for in section 22(3) of the Children Act 1989, to safeguard and promote the welfare of looked after children (under age 21). This includes a particular duty to promote the child’s educational achievement and in acting as good corporate parents to enable each looked after individual to achieve their full potential. Under section 22, local authorities should ensure that in commissioning services from providers of children’s homes they comply with their responsibilities under that Act. 1.3 Analyze the impact of discrimination on service users. 1.3.0. The Authority of Local Authorities, other Providers of Teen Young Adult Services And Careers to Control. 1.3.1. This Council is committed to ensure that its staff will deal professionally with all aggressive incidents and use physical interventions where there is a risk of significant harm to a person, or of serious and or malicious damage to property e.g. arson or vandalism which is likely to result in a significant financial outcome, always ensuring minimal risk of injury. When children are looked after the local authority shares parental responsibility with the parents and their legal authority with respect to the care