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Education Essay

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Parents and community members may feel that giving students the liberty to ask endless questions and provide their opinions on established facts may lead to students over questioning subjects or wasting a lot of time with unnecessary questions, hence, it should be restricted. However, it is important to inform such parents and other members of the community that students need to learn how to “think” and do not attend school only to memorize. Students tend to forget a lot of the information they learn in school and only retain a small portion of it. Hence, a lot of it is useless. When a child learns how to use this information in the real world and knows how to apply it, it will prove to be beneficial to him/her in their future. Many parents may feel that making education compulsory up to a certain grade level prevents them from sending their children to work. However, keeping their needs in mind it would be important to convince them that their child’s future is going to much brighter with a good education. Since he/she is being given the opportunity at a low cost, on a merit based system, he/she will receive equal opportunities in his career, with children from more affluent backgrounds (Valli, 1992). The government must be convinced of making education compulsory and increasing their budget allotment for education to enable all schools to offer education at a subsidized rate if not completely free of cost. Another very important point in education is extra-curricular activities and subjects such as art, music, and physical education. A proper emphasis should be put upon the teaching and implementation of such subjects in all schools. Parents must be convinced that to have an all rounded healthy personality, their children must be exposed to such