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The Runaway Son by Brent Staples

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Brent Staples is a well-known writer who has penned several articles and short stories. Among one of his most popular pieces of work is The Runaway Son. This story is basically about forming perspectives in life depending on the environment one is brought up in.

The story of the Runaway Son revolves around Brent Staples own life. The main protagonist of the story is a young boy who runs away from home and the perspectives that shape his life. Perspectives are the basis of ones life experiences. Without perspectives, we are devoid of the very capability of garnering worthwhile learning from life experiences. This is the basic argument of the story penned by Brent Staples. In this story, the young boy sees various people and various things that teach him a lot in life.

His fathers drinking further adds to his perception of the disorder that one can easily fall into in ones life. This helps the boy develop an affinity towards the informal means of learning. Informal education begins in a persons life from the time he or she is born and continues throughout a lifespan. Also, it is related to everyday life via work, family and leisure activities, and usually does not lead to certification. Formal education through an educational institution sharpens the brain and prepares it to recognise those symbols that will bring a person towards actual worthwhile learning through external experiences.

In conclusion, it may be said that worthwhile learning was the basic argument of the story, which helps us understand the boys affinity towards forming perspectives. This makes a person draw from experiences of the past, learn from present experiences and contribute to future experiences

Keywords: worthwhile learning, life experience, Brent Staples, cognitive development, literature, Argumentative Essay